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Track your Team Medic ambulance in real time!

Introducing Live Ambulance Tracking – An Enhanced Patient Experience with Team Medic 


Team Medic is thrilled to announce an exciting new feature designed to ease the journey of our patients – Live Ambulance Tracking.


The world is increasingly becoming more connected, and healthcare should be no exception. In line with this idea, we’ve adapted the latest technology to create a system that aims to deliver an exceptional user experience promoting transparency and peace of mind. 


Live Ambulance Tracking – What is it?


Our new functionality allows patients, or their loved ones, to track their booked ambulance in real-time. We’ll send a link to your phone and email which, when clicked, will direct you to a live map showcasing the exact location of your ambulance. What’s more, the map will highlight the estimated time of arrival (ETA) at your pickup address. The entire process is designed to be user-friendly and intuitive.


Sharing is Caring!


In many patient transport situations, the support of family and friends is invaluable. Understanding this, our new feature offers the ability to share the ambulance location link with your near and dear ones. They can then also track the ambulance, ensuring that everyone stays informed and connected during crucial moments. 


Why is this a Game-Changer?


This feature revolutionises the patient experience for three main reasons:


Transparency: Patients and their loved ones have real-time access to the location and ETA of their ambulance, eliminating any guesswork or unnecessary stress during what may be an already stressful situation.


Sense of Control: By providing relevant and current information directly to the user, our new functionality gives a sense of control back to the user, which can be comforting during times of uncertainty.


Enhanced Communication: Sharing the ambulance’s location with family and friends encourages a sense of community and support. It eliminates the need for constant updates and reassures loved ones about the patient’s journey.


At Team Medic, we are continuously evolving and innovating to serve our users better. Our new Live Ambulance Tracking feature is a testament to this commitment. We believe that it’s not just about reaching your destination; it’s about making the journey more transparent, less stressful, and as comfortable as possible. 


Try out this new feature during your next interaction with Team Medic, and experience the difference yourself!


As always, your feedback is important to us. Let us know your thoughts on this new functionality and how it has enhanced your experience with Team Medic.