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Team Medic was born from the desire to provide suitable medical provisions to UK American Football teams.  Personally playing American Football for over twenty years (Clive, Team Medic’s Compliance & Commercial Director), I’ve had first-hand experience of the substandard medical cover provided on game day.

Therefore, Team Medic has assembled a team of specialist sport trainers, physios, doctors and paramedics to provide game day medical cover and pitch side support that focuses on American Football specific injuries.

At Team Medic we believe that teams should receive value for money and a better service.  We are confident that we can enhance the players experience during their season.

What are you looking for?

Benefit of having a qualified sport trainer pitch side?

Pre-game taping and physiotherapy?

A medical provider who understands game day logistic?

Value for money?

Bespoke Service

Team Medic is not just about providing game day medical cover, we have a range of services that can be bespoke;

First aid training for coaches and players

Pitch side support for home and away games

Medical cover for scrimmages

Training camp medical support

Refresher First Aid courses

Team Medic will provide you with the complete package of medical cover, from a single paramedic, physiotherapist/sport therapists to an fully equipped ambulance and crew.  All our equipment and personnel are compliant with BAFA’s Medical Rule 13-1-1.

All team members are fully inducted and trained in all aspects of American Football and game day procedures.  We are proactive in keeping abreast with the latest pre-hospital guidelines and research.

As Team Medic specialises in preventative and remedial American Football injuries, we firmly believe that we are the best choice for your American Football team.  We have built a strong reputation as a reliable and cost effective sport medical provider.

Field MediPro Packages

Meet BAFA’s minimum medical requirement

Sport MediPro Packages

Meet BAFA’s minimum medical requirement