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The Advantages of Choosing a CQC-Registered Company to cover your Events


When you’re putting an event together, selecting the right medical company to handle your first aid provisions is key. That’s where a CQC registered firm comes into its own. So why choose a CQC registered company?

1. Quality Services You Can Trust

CQC registration means the company is serious about quality and being professional. Because CQC registered organisations are accountable to a Goernment regulator, it means that we must adhere to the latest standard operating procedures and processes set down by various governmental bodies.

2. Safety First

Safety’s got to be a top priority at any event. CQC registration means we are on the ball with all the safety rules, looking after both service users and anyone involved with the event. Knowing we have got the know-how to deal with emergencies can take a load off an event organiser’s mind.

3. Keeping to the Rules

You’ve got to know the legal and compliance side of things for event management. CQC registration shows the company’s ticking all the right governance boxes.

4. A Name You Can Rely On

CQC registration tells everyone they can trust the company, especailly if the medical company has a strong rating.

5. Professionalism That Stands Out

Being professional is essential in the event business, and CQC registered medical company know this inside and out. With a company like ours on your side, you know they’ll help make your event a winner.

6. Peace of Mind

Planning an event means juggling lots of different things at once. Relying on a company that is CQC registered will provide the peace of mind that the clinical governance are in order and  letting you get on with other important stuff.

7. Covered by Insurance

Insurance is vital for event management. CQC registered companies must maintain full and viable insurance.

8. Always Improving

At Team Medic we pride ourselves on improving our service offering  and innovating. We act on client’s feedback and ensure we exceed customer expectations.

9. Value for Money

Getting the balance right between cost and value is crucial. A CQC registered firm might be a smart investment in the long run, helping you avoid unexpected costs down the line.

Choosing  a CQC registered company offers loads of benefits, from top-quality services to being sure of safety, building a good reputation, and just knowing you’re in safe hands. The experience and professional attitude tied to CQC registration lay the groundwork for a successful event.