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The 5 Best Qualities of an Event Planner

event planner ready for first attendees

Event planning can be a very complicated process, certain abilities will be crucial to have in order to plan an event smoothly and successfully. The following qualities will be extremely important skills to develop for anyone interested in event planning.

  1. Organisation

Organisational skills are going to be vital for successfully carrying out event planning. When organising an event there will be a lot of moving parts that you will need to keep track of, and keeping thoroughly organised throughout the process will help ensure that everything has been taken care of. There are so many different elements of event planning that will need your attention, and ensuring all these bases are covered will be vital in guaranteeing that your event runs smoothly.

  1. Attention to Detail

Beyond broader organisational skills, attention to detail will also be key in your event planning process. Small mistakes in the planning stage could lead to much larger issues further down the line. You will need to make sure things are not missed; even seemingly small details can be really vital to the overall flow of your event. By keeping a close eye to every possible detail of your planning stage you will ensure every element of your event is covered and in so doing you should hopefully avoid larger issues and ease the management of the event overall.

  1. People Skills

Communications skills are extremely important for planning an event successfully. Event organisation is not a one-person job, you will need to be able to connect and communicate with people from different fields and work well with others in order to pull your event together. A ‘lone-wolf’ style of working will probably not be the most suitable in these situations, you will need to reach out to others and be able to work cooperatively. This attitude is not only necessary, but also really helpful within a field like event planning. By having connections and communication at the forefront of you planning, you will be able to gather ideas and expertise from others which will support you in ensuring you event is the best it can possibly be.

  1. Adaptability

When planning an event there is always a chance that things can go wrong, so flexibility is a really key skill. Although you can try and minimise the risk of mistakes and last-minute changes by staying organised, there are many mishaps that just cannot be avoided no matter how thoroughly you prepare. A good event planner will be able to roll with the punches, you should be able to adapt swiftly when issues arise. Being flexible and adaptable will allow you to bounce back from any complications that may arise during your event planning process. By prioritising adaptability and resilience, you should be able not only to resolve any potential bad situations, but make the best out of them.

  1. Passion

As with anything, to be a really good event planner you need to be passionate about what you are doing. Being truly interested in what you are working on will encourage hard work and creative thinking.  If the kind of problem solving, personal communication, and critical thinking necessary for event planning does not appeal to you it is less likely that you will be successful in the field. Being passionate and enthusiastic about all the elements of the role will potentially be the most important quality in ensuring your success as an event planner.