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Meet the Staff

Staff Profile: Meet Anita!

What is your role within Team Medic?
I am an Ambulance Care Assistant for Team Medic working full time on our non-emergency patient
transport ambulances, as well as working as a medic for some of the events Team Medic cover.

What are your hobbies and interests?
I love love love football (watching not playing). Not sure would I call it hobby but I really love cooking
and baking. But definitely my number one hobby is interior decoration!

What are your personal or professional values?
Being positive through every situation in life and being very patient is definitely a best part of me.
When it comes to work I adapt to everything always, I can manage every situation and I never give

What do you enjoy most about working for Team Medic?
I kind of like positivity that comes from the people behind the scene (management and office staff) –
that is 100% something that lifts you up.

Let us know a favourite quote of yours or a fun fact about your self?
I am nailing DIY