The importance of having adequate medical cover at endurance events was highlighted at the commonwealth games this weekend, when a runner suffered from heat exhaustion during the marathon. Callum Hawkings was leading the marathon when he collapsed on the course less than two miles from the finish.  It took medical personnel several minutes to attend to Callum.  Athlete welfare should be most important aspect when producing a medical plan for endurance events.

Team Medic are experts at providing medical cover for endurance events and one of our standard procedures is to ensure we have sufficient medical cover at the last 2/3 mile stage of a race. In our experience this is when majority of incidents occur.

Event organisers and medical companies need to establish a good plan that enables  quick response time to incidents that occur on a race course. The task is made more difficult when the  race course is spread over a large area, but with careful planning and coordination fast response times can be achieved.

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