Independent Schools

TEAM MEDIC  is a private medical company specialising in the provision of medical services to Independent school sport programmes.  We have provided services to a range of educational institutions  which include; Charterhouse, ACS International School, Caterham School, Oxford University and Cambridge University to name  a few.

We have developed protocols and procedures that are specific to sporting events within the education sector.  Further to this, we have adopted and implemented Child Safeguarding measures, set out in statutes guidance ‘Keeping Children Safe in Education’ and the ‘Education (Independent School Standards) Regulations 2015’.

What are you looking for?

  • Benefit of having a qualified and experienced medics with a genuine equestrian interest ?
  • A medical provider who understands event day logistics and complexities?
  • Value for money?
  • Personal Event Account Manager who will be proactive and work closely with your team to minimise disruptions?

Why Team Medic?

  • We are unique, because we are the only medical company that provides not only medics and ambulance vehicles, but we also supply sports therapists for events.
  • We have considerable experience in providing medical support to school sport teams.
  • We can provide bespoke services to suit your medical requirements.
  • All our medical staff are experienced in the treatment and management of serious injuries and traumas.

Field MediPro Packages

Field MediPRO

  • Paramedic

Field MediFR Plus

  • Medical First Responder and Front Line Ambulance

Field MediFR Extra

  • Medical First Responder and  Response Medical Vehicle

Field MediFR

  • Medical First Responder

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