Ten For a Pen Campaign!!!!

Attention all Event Medics!! Team Medic will be running a campaign called: Ten for a Pen. You have the opportunity to win a fantastic pen torch and a beautiful wipe down ALS bag which can be used to store your pen torch – (See attached product information sheet) Rules of the Campaign: • The campaign [...]

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New Level 3 Outdoor First Aid Course Available

As Team Medic moves closer to becoming an accredited training centre, we are delighted to announce a new course for all you sporting enthusiasts: Level 3 Activity First Aid : 2-day course This qualification can be bespoke to suit any type of sport and the injuries commonly encountered. Not only is Basic Life Support included, but many [...]

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The Importance of Adequate Medical Cover for Endurance Events

  The importance of having adequate medical cover at endurance events was highlighted at the commonwealth games this weekend, when a runner suffered from heat exhaustion during the marathon. Callum Hawkings was leading the marathon when he collapsed on the course less than two miles from the finish.  It took medical personnel several minutes to [...]

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New song for CPR

Scotland is promoting a new song for people to do CPR to. The song is from the Proclaimers' hit " I'm gonna be (500 miles)". This new initiative is re-highlighting the importance of learning and doing CPR on a casualty who is not breathing. The campaign is part of a five-year plan to teach 500,000 [...]

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Medics should not fear attack by the general public

It's sad to read that medics are being physically and mentally abused by members of the public whilst undertaking their duties. It appears to be an increasing trend for paramedics and NHS staff facing confrontation from members of the public, which is totally unacceptable. Ambulance staff’s main purpose is to maintain our wellbeing and save lives, [...]

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Team Medic signs up to the GoodSam App

A few of Team Medic's 'Teamers' (medics working for Team Medic) have signed up as volunteers to the Good Samaritan App. This app has the potential to save lives because this is the worlds most advanced emergency alerting and dispatching platform. This app allows any member of the public to alert the emergency services whilst at [...]

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Team Medic becomes member of the IAA

    Team Medic are now members of the Independent Ambulance Association.  The IAA was formed in January 2012 to represent the interests of independent ambulance providers who are registered with the Care Quality Commission. A ‘not for profit’ body our core values are to work in a manner that is brave, decent and independent. All member companies [...]

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