A&E Crises

Interesting article by Denis Cambell who writes for the Guardian: https://www.theguardian.com/society/2016/jun/21/hospital-major-incidents-year-round-occurrence-nurses-warn
He suggests that patients are being treated in hospital store rooms, due to the chaotic situation of NHS England.

Examples of the chaos highlighted in his article are;
• Beds are being stored in corridors and there is limited room.
• Ambulances quieting outside A&E department, and temporary Triage centres being set up in car parks to relieve the stress.
• Frail older people being moved at night due to the intense pressure for beds.

What stood out for me from reading the article is the assertion that there is a lack of emergency nurses working in A&E departments because of the attrition rate of emergency nurses leaving the NHS. Non emergency trained nurses are being used to fulfil rotas which (to my mind) possess a real risk to life.

A further worry for me comes in the aftermath of the EU Referendum. What will now happen to the provision of medical staff from outside the UK? We all know the dependency the NHS has on nurses, carers and doctors who are recruited outside the UK. Does this mean the pressures of staffing will increase for the NHS or will the £350m that we supposedly save now from being outside of the EU, will be invested in training and recruiting nurses and carers from the UK?

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